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  2. 苏@crushingcinderssays

    在你的3年期Blogversary恭喜!我有我的第3年的里程碑今年早些时候,回头看看这是多么惊人多少我的博客,我已经长大。但是,如果我们谈论的恐惧,我还是不够勇敢音频或视频,所以我的YouTube个人资料只是为了了解和跟踪。谢谢你的赠品 - 尤其是它的国际化。

  3. Lujainsays

    Happy Anniversary!! I sincerely love all your blog posts✨ I always find whatever you post aesthetically pleasing. I sometimes tend to think about that too. I barely post pictures on my IG due to wanting it to be perfect and comparing my feed to others etc.

  4. 扎拉D.加西亚·阿尔瓦雷斯says


  5. 玛丽亚大号says

    I look forward to a video about ballet! <3

  6. 卡捷琳娜Dvořákovásays

    祝贺我最喜欢的书相关BLOG永远!我很高兴和你♥自豪。韩剧是我的弱点(女强人待办事项奉顺和举重童话金福裕毁了我,性格内向老板让我在震撼和W - 两个世界是我目前的痴迷)。韩流也毁了我的生活 - 在好办法OFC。歌词为“一些” BTS歌越来越像我...... T_T。

  7. 安妮says

    awwwwwweee我变得如此悲伤的眼读这篇文章。i can’t believe it’s been three years. WHAT. i still remember so clearly reading one of your earliest posts about how to gain inspiration & your favourites….i feel like i may be conflating the two a bit but i just remember reading about your love for rookie mag, ted talks, yoga, and acai bowls and being like WOW I LOVE THIS GIRL ALREADY. it rly is such a crazy thing to think about how many individual actions lead us to this moment here & now. it’s crazy to think about all the things that had to lead to you starting this blog & also all the things that had to happen for me to create my blog and then somehow for our paths to converge??? it’s so weird but I APPRECIATE IT SO MUCH bc my life is 10x better knowing you! you are such an inspiration HONESTLY. i admire how you’re able to do SO much w your blog, instagram, youtube, etc etc while also juggling being a ballet dancer! and how everything you do is always still of such high quality!!! you’re also just like the nicest person ever?? so anyway here’s to your three years of blogging!!! that is such a huge achievement, CONGRATULATIONS. and i’m so honoured to be able to call you a friend bc you’re so awesome <33333

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  13. BRI g ^says

    祝贺你生日快乐你的博客!Twirling Pages is honestly one of my favourite book blogs out there *heart eyes* thinking about all the amazing books I want to read but also how much homework I have for uni gives me an existential crisis because why can’t i have more days in the week???

  14. 凯特林@下一页请!says

    AAAAH快乐blogiversary XAN!谢谢你让我在你的博客,我不能相信它已经三年了。向上帝发誓,它的推移海拉快吧?我的生存危机总是当我意识到我是在后面我的阅读挑战(哎呀!)<3

  15. 马法尔达努内斯says

    HAPPY BLOGIVERSARYYYYY!!! The thing that gives me existencial crisis are book or TV series that take me back to my childhood, like Harry Potter, The Vampire Diaries, Twilight… and also food that remind me of my childhood like lasagna, hot dogs and other lovely portuguese foods.

  16. Taasiasays


  17. TaraMsays

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLOG XAN!这真是太神奇了,我只找到了你的博客,去年自从我真的期待着您的帖子中的每一个,非常感谢鼓励我花更多的时间在自己的博客XX。

  18. 尼基塔拉库玛says

    AHH祝你生日快乐和你的博客!我觉得你的博客是你自己的扩展版本,所以它必须是你的生日吗?(great logic here I know) I have many existential crises like when I can’t get my hands on the next book in a series, when there is no longer a steady supply of Reese’s PBC and also when I’ve not read a book and someone spoils it. UGH IT GETS ME EVERY TIME xx Lots of love for the many many years to come xx Nikita

    BLOG //爱茉莉

  19. 费伊Tannerrsays

    Congrats on your 3 year blogiversary!! I’ve been following your blog for about a year now, and I absolutely adore it! Things that give me an existential crisis are cliffhangers: in tv shows and books. Thanks for hosting this incredible giveaway and Happy Blog Birthday!!

  20. 尼娜·兰尼斯特says

    快乐bloggoversary !!!!我的这么多东西...的粉丝,例如:游戏了我的危机(我的书阅读器)TWD给我危机以及(我读的漫画),所以......书籍和电视连续剧。
    thanks a lot fo this giveaway

  21. 埃尔克says


  22. 马利·米勒says

    I can’t believe it’s been THREE YEARS! You are by far my absolute favorite book blogger, booktuber, bookstagrammer.. you getvthe point! The last book I read that gave me an extesential crisis was probably Everything, Everything. As for movies, the BEST extesential crisises I’ve had have been with M. Night Shyamalan films. They’re AMAZING!

  23. hanabilqisthisays

    快乐blogversary当我年轻的时候,我觉得我要告诉所有的世界太让你的故事听上去很像。所以很高兴知道,现在你了解它是好的改变的故事,觉得听上去很像我。我认为是博客和bookstagrammer somerime给我生存危机

  24. 琳达says

    Happy Blog-anniversary! ლ(●ↀωↀ●)ლ

  25. samtasiasays


  26. 亚历山德拉打击乐says


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  28. Helen Chansays

    CONGRATS on 3 years! I love your blog!! My existential crisis are when books have good beginnings then the later half of the book starts getting boring. Also, when the endings don’t end how I want it to end or leaves me on a cliffhanger.

  29. Emily Dangsays


  30. Kayleena Shantzsays

    happy three years! your instagram and youtube still amaze me bc aesthetic. (and i don’t mean to say that and hold you up on a pedestal and expect things from you!!!! i like you as you lol) i think every book gives me an existential crisis bc my life is so ordinary and normal while kids in books that are my age are fighting off monsters and demons and secretly have super powers. idk lol.

  31. Zaira费尔南多says

    Happy three years of blogging! I first found you on bookstagram when you were starting and I’m so happy that you’ve grown into having a blog & a youtube channel since then <3 to answer your question, tbh every book I read that's coming-of-age gives me an existential crisis haha

  32. 芮桉嗯says

    CONGRATS ON THREE YEARS OF BLOGGING!!! i only found out your blog last year through your bookstagram and omg i LOVE LOVE LOVE all the twirlingpages accounts 99(it means a long time in chinese‘’久久‘’/ ”will continue loving your accounts for a long time” in malaysian slang heheh) KDRAMAS GIVE ME EXISTENTIAL CRISIS BC HOW CAN HUMANS BE SO BEAUTIFUL AND DO THINGS SO SMOOTH I MEAN I CANT EVEN WALK PROPERLY WITHOUT TRIPPING OVER MY OWN FEET????


  33. 谢尔比·斯科特says

    恭喜ON 3 BOOK博客的年!萨拉·德森及摩根马特森的书一直给了我生存危机。一树山确实是对我来说太大声笑!

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  36. 玛丽 。says

    Congratulations on three years of blogging, this is so incredible <3 I love your blog so much, hoping to read more and more of your blog posts in the upcoming months and years! <3 That was such a lovely post.

  37. Antonela里奥斯says

    哦,有什么情感和可爱的帖子!♥快乐blogiversary,捻转页面!亚博国际和祝贺,亚历山德拉,为了使这个博客太美丽了内容和你把每一个岗位和每一个画面的执着。当然,我最喜欢的博客之一!= d

  38. 格拉谢拉Fatechesays


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